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👋Introduction to Lazerpay

Welcome to the Lazerpay Documentation where you'll learn to build amazing payment experiences. Integrate Lazerpay into your products and start collecting crypto payments in 5 minutes.

Lazerpay provides two environments for development (testing) and production (live) . You can switch between the two environments using the toggle at the top of the dashboard.


A test environment to allow merchants to integrate their products and test them out using the Binance Smart Chain testnet. It provides api keys and addresses that allow developers to tinker when integrating. The api keys and addresses on test are different from those on live.


A live environment to allow merchants to use Lazerpay in the production environments after testing using the test environment. It allows merchants receive real funds on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. The api keys and addresses on live are different from those on test.

You can integrate Lazerpay into your product using the guide below.

Here is a link to our postman collection where you can test these endpoints in realtime.

Questions and Feedbacks

If you have any questions and feedbacks about our developer documentation we would love to hear it from you. For query and support, please create a new thread under docs category on Lazerpay official forums and for feedbacks please drop your comments on this thread .

We really value and appreciate your feedbacks, Thank You! 😃🙏🏻

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