🍕Partial Payments

Accept partial payments on your platform


With this feature, if you attempt to charge someone USD 100 but they only pay USD 90, the transaction will be put on hold and tagged incomplete until the person completes the payment. With partial debits, we will not hold the amount_paid, instead we will forward it to you (the business) and send you a webhook for the transaction although it'll still have a status of incomplete

How does it work?

You can use the partial payment feature through our accept payment api or through our checkout and Libraries

When using the partial payment feature, you need to pass the parameter "accept_partial_payment" : true

Verifying Transactions

When verifying transactions (or implementing webhooks) that involve Partial Payments, there are two types of amounts that are returned: actualAmount and amountPaid. amountPaid is the amount (in crypto) that the customer paid while actualAmount is the amount (in crypto) you intended to charge.

The fiat equivalent for the types of amounts are called fiatAmount and amountPaidFiat

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