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Bank Payouts

Transfer directly to bank account using our payouts APIs


The amount collected in your Lazerpay account from all the incoming transactions can also be withdrawn directly to your bank account. In order to make bank payouts, you can use our payouts API endpoint or our official NodeJS SDK
Currently, only some banks and currencies are supported. To list all the countries, banks, and supported currencies, use our get APIs listed below.
Currently we only support USDTs for bank payouts, if you have any other token in your account use our SWAP API to first convert it to USDT before initiating a bank payout.

Create Bank Payout

Add a new bank account to receive payouts

Sample Request payload for different currencies

// USD Payload
"bank_name": "bank name",
"account_name": "account name",
"account_number": "account number",
"currency": "USD",
"country": "united states",
"account_type": "personal",
"routing_number": "routing number",
"city": "city",
"state": "state",
"address": "address",
"postal_code": "postal code"
// NGN Payload
"bank_name": "bank name",
"bank_code": "bank code",
"account_name": "account name",
"account_number": "account number",
"currency": "NGN",
"country": "nigeria",
"state": "state"
// GHS Payload
"bank_name": "bank name",
"bank_code": "bank code",
"account_name": "account name",
"account_number": "account number",
"currency": "GHS",
"address": "address",
"country": "ghana",
"street": "Street",
"city": "city",
"postal_code": "postal code"

Get all Bank Payouts

Retrieve all the bank payouts associated with your account as Payout IDs

Example: NodeJS - Request

var request = require('request');
var options = {
'method': 'POST',
'url': '',
'headers': {
body: '{\n "bank_name": "Kuda Bank",\n "bank_code": "090267",\n "account_name": "suleiman abdulfatai",\n "account_number": "2001670835",\n "currency": "NGN",\n "country": "Nigeria",\n "default": true\n}'
request(options, function (error, response) {
if (error) throw new Error(error);

Example: cURL

curl --location --request GET ''

Get Bank Payout By Id

This is to get Bank payout by id

Delete Bank Payout

Delete one or more existing bank payout using payout ids

Update Bank Payout

Update an existing bank payout associated with your account

Get Supported Payout Countries

Get a list of all the supported countries that supports bank payouts and respective currencies

Get Supported Payout Currencies

Get a list of all the supported currencies for bank payouts

Get Banks

Get a list of supported banks in a country

Get a Payout Exchange Rate

Get current Exchange rates

Initiate Bank Payout

Initiate a bank payout

Example: cURL

curl --location --request POST '' \
--data-raw '{
"payout_bank_id": "2e7fa635-XXX-4788-a4ac-XXXXX",
"coin": "USDT",
"amount": 100,
"reference": "<string optional>",
"metadata": "<object optional>"