To enable the payment link creation process more interesting, merchants can now display their goods as Products without having a website.
You can interact (add, update, remove) with Products using Lazerpay Dashboard or our API which allows you to programmatically interact with your products.
Products can be created and seen on the dashboard more like a store inventory, They can be hidden when no longer available or for sale. There are no limitations as to the number of products you add on the products page as the pagination feature would help product data spread across different pages automatically.

Create Product

Create a new product
After successful creation of a new product, you will be able to see it on your dashboard
You can add a Payment link and associate it with your Product using the Payment Links API and passing product_id as payload
Note :
  • Each product can be associated with multiple price tags and every price entry is recorded as its own separate entity in the database.
  • When creating a new standard link, there's option to tie that payment link to a specific price of the product or multiple pricing (array of price tags).
  • Since a pricing is tied to a product, tying a payment link to a pricing will therefore invaluably links the payment link to that product.
price_id --> product_id --> payment_link
"cart": [
"price_id": "4f6a2f7f-3400-4f47-8973-fa8bb2f5d483",
"quantity": 10,
"quantity_adjustable": false

Find Products


Get Product

Get product by id

Update Product


Get Prices

Get prices of the products

Add Price

Add price to an existing product

Delete Price

Delete price of an existing product

Delete Product

Delete an existing Product
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