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Stablecoins Swap

Swap Stablecoins in your lazerpay account using our APIs


You can make Stablecoins swaps from one coin to another directly from the Lazerpay dashboard or using our Swaps API endpoint
Swap stablecoins from Dashboard

Crypto Swap API


Example cURL

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer sk_test_hxDjjhMiDsVo16hZ0tuIL51PwoB98HGeqAoddUxQ0RaF7Q8kfK' \
--data-raw '{
"from_coin": "USDT",
"to_coin": "BUSD",
"amount": 0.01,
"blockchain": "Binance Smart Chain"

Important things to note

  • The blockchain field must be "Binance Smart Chain".
  • The from_coin field must either be "BUSD", "DAI", "USDT", or "USDC".
  • The to_coin field must either be "BUSD", "DAI", "USDT", or "USDC".
  • Also to_coin and from_coin cannot be the same
we only support the Binance smart chain for swaps. we will add more networks in the future.